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Buy, Sell, or Lease

Issues of primary concern to all property owners trying to lease or sell their commercial buildings are, “How do I make sure my property is seen by the maximum number of people?” and, “How do I make sure the maximum number of people who are motivated and likely to lease or buy my property see it?” The answers lie with the commercial real estate professionals you entrust to market your property and the extensive network they use to list and access properties throughout the US. Global Realty Group are Commercial REALTORS® that specialize in industrial, commercial and investment properties to match buyers, sellers or tenants leasing with available properties.

Your Global Realty commercial REALTOR® needs to know your requirements as a prospective seller, tenant or purchaser, so first consider the following:

Size – The rule of thumb for office space is 200-250 square feet per person. Determine your “usable area”;
Term – Is a three or five year lease enough? Think about your possible expansion needs and whether you would need a renewable lease;
Timing – Develop a game plan and determine your time horizons;
Budget – How much do you need or want to spend on an annual basis for your premises?
Parking – How much do you really need? Availability may often be limited;
Quality – Do your customers visit you? A classy environment will reflect well on your company and may be more attractive to prospective employees or partners;
Location – Consider the needs for transportation for the public, clients and employees as well as market demographics;
Start date – When do you need to move? When does your current lease expire? Early planning will increase your options;
Buy or Lease – Your REALTOR® can advise you on what is available and you will also want to seek the help of your accountant to analyze your best option;
Expansion – Are you growing? As a medical specialist your premises could be adequate for the next 20 years; as a manufacturer you could run out of space within three years;
Tech – Do you have a large bandwidth requirement, or special air conditioning requirements?

Let your commercial REALTOR® know if you are at a preliminary stage and just want to get a feel for the market. You will receive a very open and helpful response. Consider paying for a market appraisal, it will be inexpensive relative to the value of your lease and you will get better quality information and a strong negotiating tool. Consider engaging your commercial REALTOR® on a retainer basis. He or she will work hard for you and can draw upon an enormous wealth of information to help you negotiate an agreement. This practice is becoming more commonly used by sophisticated tenants throughout North America.

The advantages

Global Realty Group Commercial REALTORS® are experts in determining what a potential tenant or buyer wants in a commercial property. As specialized advisors we can search multiple databases for properties that suit budgets, location preferences and requirements to quickly put together a short list of suitable properties. This means that when it comes time to view properties in earnest, buyers and tenants know exactly what they want to see, what their options are and what types of properties the market has to offer.

What’s good for the buyer is also good for the seller. The main obstacle for any seller is to find qualified, motivated buyers or tenants and the only way to overcome this is to match your property with the requirements of as many potential consumers as possible. The experienced listing services of Global Realty Group cuts through the complexities, exposes your property to people most likely to buy or lease and makes sure you won’t waste your time with those who are not truly interested. It could be that your Global REALTOR® will already know a number of potential buyers or tenants, but listing your property will ensure wide exposure of your property to a broad range of interested people.

Contact Us today to ask your specific questions and to start discussions on the advantages we exclusively offer.