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Real Estate Services

With over 30 years of integrated expertise in multiple economic industries: Real Estate, Advisory, Securities, and Risk Management; Utilizing this specialized expertise our team adopts specific economic and geographic parameters to formulate and manage each project from beginning to end. This unique collaborative environment provides tremendous ‘value add’ to each of our client projects.

Targeted Solutions may include:

  • Acquisition and Disposition of Active and/or Passive Real Estate Investing with tactical timelines
  • Assessment of Stagnate Properties and Portfolio Holdings – next steps
  • Business Initiative and Project Development
  • Customized Online Auction Strategies – see Resources page
  • Pioneering “first to market” strategic initiatives
  • Strategic Planning with Formulated Modeling to Completion
  • May also encompass estate planning and Internal Revenue Code Sections §1031, §1033, and §721 exchange tax management strategies when applicable

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