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Through Global Realty Group’s ‘Targeted Solutions’ our extensive multi industry expertise and exclusive national real estate network provides our clientele the tactical edge necessary to successfully achieve: highest and best use of capital resources, asset preservation, estate planning, realistic income, economic performance, market position and value, and tax management.

Within our exclusive real estate network, we can offer national property portfolios or one-off custom properties with specialized services to help fulfill the acquisition or disposition needs on behalf of our clients.

As a partial list, we offer the following guidance and resources for you:

Buyers and Sellers:

  • Decide to buy/invest or sell – one of our key strategies we offer is to help you “Plan your END before you BEGIN” the acquisition or disposition process. Planning the end game before you begin frequently yields the most efficient return on capital and use of time. We use a thoughtful and proven methodology to buy or sell property that can help eliminate problems along the way.
  • A realistic time horizon of buying and selling is a key component to owning a successful real estate commercial or residential investment property. Be honest with yourself on goals, objectives, and reasonable expectations of return so your commitment of ownership aligns with your income and investment objectives. Location is always important, but timing is everything.
  • We may use Online Real Estate Auctions as part of our ‘Targeted Solutions’. This process can help to improve disposition and reduce purchase costs for both commercial and residential investment properties. The negotiation process for both buying or selling is well-organized and streamlined. The bandwidth of both online national and international marketing is far more efficient, time horizon is substantially reduced, and the likely result of favorable pricing is increased. This is a proven strategy. Of course, no guarantees.
  • Give thoughtful attention to your tax management of income and potential gains or losses. Tax management is a key component of owning real estate, when and how to buy or sell property. We help you evaluate the optimal tax strategy for your specific acquisition or disposition.
  • Be considerate of your overall estate and financial planning when purchasing or selling real estate. Through our affiliate company, Global Planning Inc., we can help you optimize and personalize your specific objectives and retirement planning needs.

At Global Realty Group, we treat your needs as our own. We offer a wide range of property portfolio selections and property services to fit your needs. Our services are tailored to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your real estate investment objectives.

Contact Us today to ask your specific questions and to start discussions on the advantages we exclusively offer.