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Strategic Planning

Acquisition and Disposition Portfolio Strategies

Global Realty Group (GRG) specializes in offering “turn-key” acquisitions, financing, and transaction services to investors seeking separately managed real estate accounts. Through its nationwide access to real property developers, institutional portfolio partners, and extensive credit underwriting tools, GRG constructs diversified and “risk-adjusted” real estate portfolios for single-owner, entities and corporate real estate investors. The company focuses on high-quality (investment grade) assets leased to nationally recognized tenants with long-term net leases.

Business Development

Our Business Development Group (BDG) – Functions as an outsourced “R&D” department. BDG will create immediate value add through education, increased productivity, program manufacturing efficiency, and risk management. Vertical and horizontal integration between internal resources and external market participants will enhance core competencies, extend current business models, and ultimately enhance market share.

Responsibilities typically include the development of demand-driven real estate initiatives through efficient distribution models that are well aligned with all downstream participants. This interdisciplinary approach provides strategic planning to market launch. BDG monetization can be measured by increased market share, fewer days to market, and launch of new program offerings resulting with increased velocity of sales.

Stagnate Portfolio Holdings

Today companies hold a treasure trove of empty or under performing real estate assets on their balance sheets. In the current economic environment business models are changing. It has become necessary to reduce non-performing assets that drag on resources and reduce an otherwise profitable bottom line. If traditional methods of disposition are not working for you then it is time to engage in a new way of thinking.

Global Realty Group specializes in deposition strategies in commercial office, distribution and industrial centers, and retail single tenant net lease. Our team will evaluate your real estate holdings and determine if there may be a match with our market partners. Through our collaborative group, we develop new statement of use models for your property dispositions. The strategic process continues with presenting your holdings to targeted long standing acquisition relationships in the national marketplace. Thoughtful discussions ensue with the objective of closing the acquisition end user. Engagements are executed on an initial fixed fee retainer in addition to a project success fee upon closing.

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Group (SPG) – Functions as an outsourced unbiased collaborative team. Current business models often experience stagnation that can cause lack of market traction and financial hardship to the stability and success of any project. SPG evaluates the current environment and plays a pivotal role to realignment from a fresh and innovative perspective. Our team’s methodologies are a determining catalyst for enriching project efficiencies and expedite completion. SPG operates as an independent advisor resource with consulting available on a month to month retainer engagement.

Educational Platform – Global Realty Institute

In today’s new economic paradigm knowledge is the imperative necessity to a competitive edge. Through our independent advisory counsel, our Institute provides up to date pioneering strategies through current affairs that include: compliance, political policy initiatives, regulatory oversight, and targeted marketing. Each venue that effects change to our economic models is actively researched and utilized in the delivery of our consulting services and educational platform.

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